The Double Blessing

In life we are constantly taught it is better to give than to receive. Most everyone has had a chance to experience that in one way or another. The giver of the gift is rewarded with a deep satisfaction; in some cases it outlasts the gift to the receiver. This “dual-reward” path is also true with empowerment.

Since I have become more aware of these situations, its opportunities shine even brighter. I want to remind to search- maybe even train yourself – for this whenever you are in a position where you believe you are doing the empowering. I would like to hear some stories where this has been true to you.


The wisdom of two-way Empowerment

My last post discussed empowerment being a two-way street. And it is fascinating how since that time, I am consciously looking for this two-way empowerment. The interesting thing is it is showing up more and more now that I am more aware of it.

One of my conversations – albeit it through text which I would rather not do – was not very pleasing and didn’t have the outcome I expected. But after thinking about it and what I like to call “putting it in the can and kicking it around”, the conversation was very empowering to me. I don’t think the other person got any empowerment from it at all. But that’s the positive part. Even this particular instance, what seemed to be a very non-productive conversation, came out to be very empowering for me. I gained a few insights on myself and how I can better handle myself in these types of situations.

Think about it. Ponder it. When you have a conversation with someone where you may have the giving, teaching or empowering, observe the situation – you, your audience, whoever is involved – and get some sort of empowerment out of it for yourself. Even if it takes sometime. It is there and you can find it. You are not simply an “empowerer” alone.


Mutually Empowering

I like to think of empowerment as a mutually beneficial situation. Otherwise if you are always the one doing the “empowering”, what might that eventually lead you to believe?  Think about what the answer could be. For the time being, I am not going to give my answer but you may know to where and what I am leading. Remember, not everything I say will work for every person and I am not one who is big on absolute answers and statements.But if you are ALWAYS the one doing the empowering, where does your empowerment come from? Are you only able to be empowered by God or the Universe itself?

Here is another interesting scenario. Have you ever been in a situation where a person is speaking and a comment is made with which you do not agree and would love to say something? It’s quite possible you’ve been to a religious service and the person giving the sermon makes a general statement and while most others nod their head or habitually repeat “amen”, you are doing everything you can to hold your tongue, as we were taught to be. (S0metimes don’t you wish you were empowered enough to stand up and say  something?)

In group situations, it can be difficult for one person to stand up and disagree. Maybe that’s why people choose to use groups so no one will stand up and disagree. When I share my story with someone, I want to listen for their feedback. Do I want to empower them with my story? Absolutely, but why shouldn’t I be open to hear what they have to say which will provide empowering ideas in return? My thought which I want to share today – and for those of you who like to think you are always the empower-ers – look for a mutual empowering experience. Food for thought which is what I plan on most of my posts doing. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts.


Giving or Receiving…. or Both?

Is there a time when you can specifically say you were EMPOWERED? How did that make you feel? It could be something that words may fail to describe. But let me ask  you this: What about the person who empowered you? Did they get anything from it?

I have learned that in every relationship, mutuality is important. So when someone empowers you, what is the mutual benefit? Like many things, it may not be evident right away. However the giver of the empowerment, I believe, should always find something empowering in it for him or her and not just the satisfaction of giving. There are empowering moments for both during that process.

If you have ever had the privilege of providing an empowering moment to someone, I implore you to think back at that time and search for your empowerment. I don’t want to suggest otherwise but if there wasn’t something in it for the giver, then it may not have been as powerful as originally believed. Go back to the beginning; where the trail first started and search for what you received.

In the next post, I will discuss a personal situation where both I and the other person were both empowered.


What does Empowerment mean?

  I have always been fascinated by words and their origins. In fact, one of the highlights from my youth was spending time with my father, reading a dictionary and looking up word derivations.

This morning, I started in with the word “Empowerment”; after all, it is in the name of my business. I won’t go into the etymology here but it’s interesting that it began as a political term. Today it is widely used; and like most great thoughts or ideas – overused.

  To break down the literal meaning of the word, it would be this way:  “em” as a prefix means to put into or onto, and “ment” as a suffix designates an act of. Empowerment, in its raw form would mean putting an act of power on or into something or someone.

For now, contemplate the word “Empowerment” and what it means to you. Consider all aspects of it; the one doing the empowering and the one receiving the empowerment. Who benefits? Is it the one receiving the power, or is it possible both are benefiting.  I will share my thoughts on the definition of empowerment and will enjoy hearing your feedback.Image

Independence Day!

On this 237 birthday of our country, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.  I on the other hand, have my own “Independence Day” which happens to be February 22, 2013. That is the day in which I truly discovered my independence. The feeling of wanting to shout “FREEDOM” just as Mel Gibson did at the end of Braveheart, is exactly how I felt.

I wish for everyone to have his or her own “Independence Day”. A day when they realize certain beliefs and ideas which have blocked them from becoming all they could be, are done and they are now set free. That, my friends, is a great “independence day.

These are the ideas of empowerment that will be discussed here and I look forward to being a catalyst to thousands and looking forward to wishing them a “Happy Independence Day”


Doing a World of Good!

This is the first post for Global Creative Empowerment Group, a business consulting firm specializing in promoting business through innovative and open thinking. Our motto, “Doing a World of Good” is fostered in all of our relationships – whether or not you are our client. All of the creative thinking in the world would be of no use if it were not for our desire to do a world of good. This is best manifested through our process helping our clients and friends find the blocks in their thinking that have limited, hindered or even sabotaged them in the past. Many times these obstacles are not even considered as inhibitors of our day to day lives. 

Many of the ideas used in our practice will be discussed here in an open platform. Your thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. Just as we aim to shed some light to our readers, we hope that same light will be shown back to us. Thank you and I look forward to many empowering discussions.

John Dunia – Director GCEGroup.Image