The “Hidden” knowledge

The process of self-discovery or sometimes self-realization always has a starting point. Mine was that I was ready. I didn’t know for what I was ready, but I was ready……

Where I was in terms of “knowledge” was this: there were things I knew – and there were things I didn’t know. But the key so many times is neither one of those two. It’s what we don’t know what we don’t know. Think about that for a moment.

I know there are things for which I do not know the answer. Undoubtedly. But there are also things that we don’t know, or better said, don’t realize that we don’t know. My knowledge and awareness came at the point when I finally realized what it was about my thinking I had to change.  Some of it could actually be what I was willing to admit.

Does this sound confusing? It’s okay to read this post again.  It will be explained in detail over the next few posts.Image

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